Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A solid Answer

We (Christians) know darkness only because we have His light to show us the difference but if you are just in darkness and don't know the light at all then you are unaware of your hopelessness. I was in a very dark pit, but I am here simply because I knew there was Light and that it saves. I am so grateful of His way and His plan for us. I would like to say I am nothing but happiness and rainbows here… But that just wouldn’t be true. I just get overwhelmed here and see in a normal conversation with my mom or sister God coming up is normal stuff. But here? Man, it’s a different story. It isn’t even me trying to share the Gospel it’s just normal conversation and my response to whatever is being discussed. But He comes up a lot and then I worry how to say it and how to express myself and then I am like oh no what even is Japanese? How do you speak that thingy. But I always come back to His peace and I am in awe of how just really great He is. Because you have no idea how so SO SO many situations here are just the PERFECT opportunity for Satan to lure me into a pit I knew for so long. Like the second I get an itsy bit of sadness I just think good thing God restored you because wow that’d be bad if you were still in bondage. I don’t think the enemy actually goes around and does things that bother me and tries to do it all in one day, but when life things happen Satan is ready to bring fear and for us to invite it in. But the thing that almost cracks me up is all this restlessness actually results in me just wanting to praise God even more.

I have been in Japan for more than two months and something that I didn’t expect was how much God plays a role in everything. I know that sounds silly, but I didn’t realize the triviality of everything else without salvation. This realization is in result of a) my new found freedom and b) my new surrounding of those who don’t share my faith. I mean the simplest of things like news stories or even the complex things. A recent story that is flooding the news is of a High School student who killed her classmate. And to my grandmother or to someone without faith this is a story of a child that a parent didn’t direct correctly. But to me it’s so much more than that. This young lady’s reasoning to kill someone was because she said she had an interest in death and what happened afterward. And I think you know that really isn’t that far off from what a lot of lost people think. I mean I can’t imagine living a life where you have no idea where you are going. I mean death of the flesh is inevitable and if no one has answers well of course you are going to wonder. My aunt said something like if only someone taught her right and wrong and my grandmother showed curiosity on how she was raised. She even brought up the idea that it would beneficial if the parent enlightened the public on what wisdom was missing in the child’s life so they would commit such crime. As they discussed this crime, I felt so separated from them.
If this happened in the U.S. and I was having a conversation with my mother God and the eternity He has given us would come up instantly. But I just sat there and I didn’t know how to respond because I have an answer of what happens after death and that’s all this young girl wanted. This girl comes from an elite educated family and that holds great weight here. So I think the question everyone is asking is how could a girl from such a “good” family become so lost. And the only answer I can conjure is that she was seeking, but no one had answers for her. No one could stand firm on a rock and say, someone made a way for you so that you could know the father and worship with Him for all of your days. The assurance eternity grants is incomprehensible. This girl to me kind of shows the cry of the lost here. There isn’t even a different god that people cling to. No one knows and the answers vary from each individual. “You become a star.” “You don’t know until you get there.” “I don’t know.” And you know none of those answers are satisfying. There is one answer and one way. The fact I know the Truth is a blessing and miracle in itself. I believe that when my mom became a believer she broke the curse on my family here that ensured death. God is stirring and I hold onto the word every in Philippians 2:9-11  


Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
    and gave him the name that is above every name,
that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
    in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord,
    to the glory of God the Father.


God said every so I will believe when He said every. He is to be glorified and so I will glorify Him.


School starts in 20 days and for the first time since ever I am excited because being extra bum than I usually am in summer is getting old and this is just me.

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