Friday, June 6, 2014

Japan so far

Oh Hi there blog that I have shortly abandoned. In my defense, this computer deletes my sentences or just does funny business that is extremely annoying. Also, I am used to writing on my bed with the computer in my lap and this whole no wifi thing is different. So my hope is even when I get busy with school I can at LEAST write once a week. Memories are precious and writing clears my head and sometimes we just have to be still.

I suddenly feel a slight pressure as my URL has been shared with family friends (Hi and thank you for your encouragement) and I kind of am nervous as I can just see my mother tsking at some grammatical error. So as this computer doesn't have an English spell check, do forgive me. But I started this blog to I suppose write about this journey in Japan as well as my everlasting journey with Christ. I am writing it for me and if a few people want to join me on this adventure then, welcome.

The plane ride isn't worth writing about except that I spilled my Sierra Mist on the guy sitting next to me. He was really nice about it. But going through customs with the a Japanese passport is quite the different experience. The line moves at the blink of eye and when my passport is "checked" it is only for a mere few seconds. My grandpa and aunt with my precious cousin were waiting for me at the airport. I love every inch of my cousin and the best part is every time I see him I am reminded that my God provides. I think on his birthday I will write about his arrival or perhaps on the anniversery of the day he came to our family. At the moment, his mother is favorite person and he drools more than any other baby I have seen. For whatever reason, he has let me hold him which makes me extremely happy considering besides our Obachan, his mom, and kinda his dad he wails. I have spent a few days with my aunt and cousin. A year with just pictures is just not the same. Even his cries are cute and the thought of anyone saying anything mean to him pains me.

Adoption is not common in Japan and because of this I am sure my cousin may face negative reactions. But as my (our) God has shown before He will surely provide. I have already decided that baby K is going to know Christ as his Saviour. I don't know if it is okay if I just decide that, but I have and when I hold him I pray over his precious life. He may not be able to speak yet, but that doesn't stop the devil. And that surely doesn't stop me or God. I was talking to my Aunt and showed me a few books that were intended for children that were adopted. One was orignally written in English and then translated. We started talking about adoption here and in America and she said she want baby K to go to America or have the possibility open to him because in America adoption isn't anything to be ashamed of. Thinking about it makes me cry. As we talked, I almost didn't recognize that part of my aunt. She has changed so much. It is kind of known that my aunt is/was kind of hard? in certain areas. Although, she is hilarious and there has already been so many baksho (bursting in laughter) moments. But as she talked about baby K there was I suppose the mother gene showing and I felt so grateful. So many women struggle with infertility and although she struggled as well it  was short lived and at the end she became a mother. I heard her anguish and love for baby K and I was so overwhelmed that our family could ever recieve such life. It is a lot to go into here, but baby K coming into my non-Christian family is incredible. Baby K's arrival has already impacted me tremedously. Not just because I have a cousin, but I mean how he came and its signifigance has made God feel so incredibly intimate and real. How is it that I get to declare The Almighty Provider as my personal Saviour? I will never deserve it, but oh do I gladly except His grace.

I did go to church last Sunday and althouh I would have loved to share the message I have to admit that I was VERY sleepy because of jet lag and my eyes were very heavy during the message. Most of my energy was trying to keep my eyes open. But I did feel very grateful towards this church. It was packed with old people. The thought of these aged Japanese people that have the most "traditionalist" thinking worshipping God made me so thankful. It doesn't matter how old or young. Or how broken and lost our Shepard will guide us.

My Grandma and I have been trekking our way through conversations. With my broken Japanese and her hearing and with the added fact she thinks I don't understand any Japanese we are quite frankly struggling. But still in the midst of all that we are communicating. My Obachan is a thinker and not very Japanese like. You don't think in Japan because there is so much fear and no definite belief system so the thinkers are few. I don't mean thinkers as in people who are smart, but my Obachan sees people and she thinks about things typical Japanese don't. I love these things about her. It is because of this that when we talk and I mention God I know she doesn't think I am just a crazy westerner. She may not belive Jesus to be her Saviour (yet), but it seems that she acknowledges that in fact He is alive and my Saviour. She seems to like to about my Dad and all his stuff. This gives me plentiful of oppurtunities to discuss my dependence on God and the freedom He provides and my hope for reconcilliation. Baby K's biological mother is also  frequently discussed and adoption is as well. We were dead, but He made a way so we could live again. Because of this phenomenon I view life differently and Baby K's life differently. When adoption is brought up I am given windows of opprutinity to share some Light. As my home church's pastor says no one can argue with your testimony. So as I aquire Japanese I pray to be able to show my Obachan His glory. I need to learn the word depression in Japanese because when I am ready I think sharing my restoration and freedom is the best way I can show how real my God is. My Obachan does the ancestor thing and I believe in demonic forces and as I think her praying calls upon them I have already done the justice to call upon the name of the Lord to this house. The mere mention of His name makes anything called flee. I have declared this house to be a house of God and ask for your declarance of this too. I think there is a certain power in numbers.

I am far too tired to proofread this so here is my first post from Japan and this is just me.

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  1. Hallelujah! Well come back here. We pray so you enjoy the Victory which No One can take from you and your family in Japan. Jesus is our Lord!