Thursday, May 8, 2014

An Introduction?

First, some background information. I am sixteen years old and half-Japanese. In three weeks I will be on a plane with a one-way ticket to Japan. Almost every summer I go to Japan accompanied with my mother and sister and soak up the precious moments with our family there and then we return to the States. This time there won’t be any returning on my part. I will be going to an International Christian School and live with my grandparents for an entire year. I have always dreamt of the idea of living in Japan, but I could never imagine I would have this opportunity to experience a country I love in this way.

I love Japan. I love every bit of Japanese cuisine and my cravings are constantly of miso ramen or just a simple convini onigiri. Something about their onigiri is so satisfying. But the main reason I love Japan is the obvious reason that all of my family is in Japan.  The fact that Japanese food is supreme in quality and anything really in Japan is far better of course adds to the appeal Japan has to me. I have to reiterate myself and say I love Japan, but I also know that Japan is a nation without light. A nation without Christ. I believe that we are built to serve and worship God. In Japan, there is nothing like that. There is no sense of sin and this gives me such heart-ache to see a nation so lost while I know who can heal and redeem them. My mother, sister, and I wholeheartedly desire for our family’s salvation.

During my stay in Japan, I hope to shed some of Christ’s light to my grandparents. I know sharing the gospel is so important, but more than that I want be so God-filled that my testimony will simply radiate from me. I want to constantly have a huge banner above me declaring that I am a Christian and not in some religious group, but that I am in an active relationship with Jesus Christ. I know that I am completely lost without my Savior. I know He has already won the victory for me and I will continue to remind myself of this. Japan isn’t a Christian nation. There aren’t even the Christmas or Easter goers like in the U.S. so although I may face dark forces and be discouraged I will continue to remind myself that it is finished.  I hope to record my thoughts and treat this blog as my little diary/story trip thing. And then I can look back and laugh at myself and reminisce.


So yeah this is just me.

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