Thursday, May 15, 2014

Teenager Tendencies

I am leaving in two weeks. Wow. I am freaking out. I've started packing ish. I've rolled up a bunch a t-shirts and other staple items in my wardrobe. It isn't important what to bring, but this seems like the only thing worrying me. I can always go shopping, which I will, but wow it is so hard for me to decide to bring a dress that I may not wear.
My first worries were how I could adjust living with people that don't believe in God and for that matter living in a country full of a demonic presence. But suddenly, my anguish is eliminated. I'm not saying there won't be times where I may struggle with fear, but all I can think is it is finished. What a blessing it is that I can declare that! All my "worries" have now been limited to miscellaneous things like what clothes to bring or what to wear to the airport.
 I suddenly am also struck with the fact I won't see my friends during the summer. That sounds like the lamest thing ever. My school doesn't start until late August and after my mom and sister leave I have a month of what?  I know it's a silly thing to worry that I may be bored. Is this my inner-teenager showing? There is one friend of mine that I feel as if we are on the same page in almost everything. We always have the most random conversations and they are almost always late at night. It's these things I think I will miss. But it's only for a year and I am not completely isolated thanks to technology.
I sound like the most teenager girl ever, but this is just me.

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