Saturday, May 10, 2014

Prep. Time

 I'm leaving in 19 days. I'm trying to clean everything in my room. My closet already looks pristine and I may just have to lug out my suitcase tomorrow to start packing. I am a girl and it won't be easy to decide what to bring. I need a lot of time contemplating what exactly to bring. It seriously feels so weird to think that I am going to leave for an entire year.

This Sunday is Mother's Day and I am going to make a box cake for my mom. Plus, I have a HUGE  craving for cake. I wish I was a baker, but I've never made anything that doesn't taste disgusting. I recently made cake pops and wow were they cute, but I put sooooo much icing that it was diabetes in a ball. I can make things look quite cute, but the taste I just can't get down. So I am sticking to box cakes. It's safer for everyone's palate. This box cake is from Japan and is a sponge cake type thing. My idea for the design is quite cute so I might just upload pictures. Who says this blog just has to be about Japan. It's not like anyone reads this anyways and I'm  doing it for me. I find writing/typing is really stress releasing.

19 more days and this is just me.  

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